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Self Improvement/Self Help Links

Clear Mind, Quiet Mind Focus - Clear Mind, Quiet Mind Focus training.  Stop the war in your head. Get the "little voices" to stop kicking you, line up behind you, and start giving you power.

Inspirational Metaphysical Articles - Thoughtful Caring Connections and Tips

Free Daily Devotional with easy ways to apply it to your life right now!

Authority Books offers self-help courses and e-books in all subjects designed to improve your life.
Start By Being Happy is a self-help home-study course for our extensive psychological system that gives you 9 steps to guaranteed habitual happiness. 

Firewalker Newsletter - Overcome Any Obstacle In Your Life!

Healthy Weight Loss Secrets - Stop Dieting and Start Living! Lose Weight the Healthy Way.

Self Care for Care givers - Be your best at care giving by making your care a Priority. Get your free tips and resources to make care giving the time of your life.

Self Improvement and Self Awareness - From success to financial freedom to figuring out your why to engineering your life to releasing your mental blockages. 

Self -Inquiry Quiz - Discover your strengths and weaknesses for self improvement in just 90 seconds!

Self Improvement & Personal Productivity - Fix Yourself! Go here now for articles, a newsletter, and a list of programs that have changed lives.  Programs include self awareness, peaceful living, weight loss, smoking, unblocking brain paths, etc. 

Self Help - Self Help books and courses from Authority Books give you the Hidden Keys to understanding your own mind, your relationships, and your wealth.