Online Newsletter for Call Center Personnel
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume I, Issue 7

Date: February 25, 2000 - A Few E-ssentials about E-commerce, Part I

For most of the last century, customer service was delivered by mail, over the phone, or in person. Customers didn't have many choices, and even when they did, switching to competitors was cumbersome.

Today, face to face, snail mail, and phone are only three of many possible points of contact for any given interaction. Now there are fax, e-mail, and Internet-based services such as web callback, text chat, and VOIP. This diversity of communication options has enormous implications for the CSR world, as you undoubtedly know. With all the options the Internet brings, competition is literally a click away. The rate of change is dizzying, and the new challenges facing CSRs are formidable.

In 1997, 97% of all customer service interactions took place over the phone. By 2003 telephone contacts are projected to plummet to a mere 5%, with Web-based communications taking up the slack to the tune of 56%. The Web offers businesses a great way to increase sales, expand geographically, and shift customer interaction to a less expensive medium. So enormous is the potential of the web that research firms trying to predict its size in dollars are having a time of it.

Rather than being a threat, this brave new world of e-commerce calls you forth into new and exciting learning, which will keep you growing, alive, and aware.

Quote of the month:

I know worrying must be effective because almost nothing I worried about ever happened. Will Rogers

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