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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume III, Issue 9

Date: September 1, 2002 - *The 10 Commandments of E-Mail - Part III

As the Summer draws to an end, so does this series with the last four commandments.

7. Neither shalt thou pass on rumor or innuendo about real people If you must gossip, confine it to people who are not real to you-movie stars, cartoon characters, historical figures. Do not spread false information about real, live people. It will come back to haunt you. Remember the Microsoft antitrust case? Even deleted e-mails were resurrected and read in courtrooms by lawyers who are not friends of yours.

8. Neither shalt thou do so about companies thou workest for or may workest for one day The relatively anonymous format of e-mail tends to encourage the practice of flaming. Here's a simple test before you flame someone or some thing: Would you say it in person? If the answer is no, you should not send the communication-in any medium.

9. Thou shalt remember the hierarchy and keep it sacrosanct: First the meeting, then the phone call, then the voice mail, then the e-mail For impact and lasting significance, the wider the "bandwidth," the better it is.

10. Thou shalt send nothing over e-mail that must be error-free It is simply impossible to proofread successfully on the computer screen. If a communication is important enough that it must be error-free, send it via some other medium. If you must send something via e-mail that has to be error-free, break the Second Commandment and print it out.

Follow these Ten Commandments, and those 183 e-mails will melt away like ice cubes in the Summer sun. And you will have e-mail righteousness: the glory of a clean virtual desk shall be yours, and all the cubicles will ring with your praise.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Don't be a prisoner of your past, but the architect of your future. - Unknown

*paraphrased from The Ten Commandments of E-mail (Harvard Communications Update, March 1999, Volume 2, #3)

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