Online Newsletter for Call Center Personnel
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume III, Issue 10

Date: October 1, 2002 - Training Trends

The latest training trends we see are:

Being proactive in responding to customers and utilizing impeccable communication skills contribute to world class customer service.

The goal for all of us is to be unconsciously competent. What does that mean?

Abraham Maslow, one of the leading psychologists of the 20th century, discovered the following Four Step Process in Self Mastery:

As in everything in life, there is a learning curve to communicating at a mastery level. Why is this important? Because if we take for granted that we know how to speak (which of course isn't the same as communicating), we leave the outcome up to fate, luck, or an accident. In today's competitive environment, that's way too dangerous!

Where are you on this journey? Where are your teams? Where do you want to be? What are you waiting for? Act now: Commit to ongoing training--soft and hard skills--to arm your people with the necessary tools (ammunition) to do their jobs.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: God gave us two ends. One to sit on and one to think with. Success depends on which one you use; heads you win--tails, you lose. Anonymous

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