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Volume XXIII, Issue 11

Date: November 1, 2013  - 80% of Businesses Believe...

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80% of businesses believe they provide "superior" customer service. But only 8% of customers say they're getting it!*

80% of businesses believe they provide "superior" customer service. But only 8% of customers would describe the service they've received in such glowing terms. When customers aren't happy, there's often significant damage done. In fact, U.S. businesses collectively lose an estimated $83 billion a year due to shoddy customer service.

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So why such a gap? 

The answer is poor feedback measures (or usually none at all) and poor real customer engagement (both internal and external). In one day, through internal and external customer feedback, we can learn more about an organization than a CEO will have found out in a year!

An organization that does not prioritize and value customer feedback as the ultimate lead measure and the key driver of present and future success is burying it's head in the sand in today's customer empowered world. There is no room for complacency ... you need proactive paranoia!

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