Online Newsletter for Call Center Personnel
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume XIX, Issue 11

Date: November 1, 2008 - The Quality of Customer Service

I recently had what I would consider to be an unusual customer service experience.  Why?  Because it surprised me--it was a positive experience, and the person gave me more than I asked for.  The absolute definition of over deliver/perform and under commit.  Or lagniappe which means to give customers more than they expect, i.e., a dozen donuts or bagels and you get 13 or sometimes even 14.

I was in the market for a flip video camcorder and Googled it and went to the various sites comparison shopping.  I found a site that was easy to navigate and had the best price.  And they had an 800 number to call which I did.  I was going out of the country 10 days later and wanted to know when it would ship, which carrier, and where it was coming from to be sure I could receive it before my trip.

The customer service agent answered all my questions to my satisfaction.  When I asked whether I should order it online or with her, I expected her to say it was quite easy to order online.

Instead she said she could take care of everything.  When it became apparent that I was a new customer (because she asked me), she told me she was going to overnight the product to me, at no extra charge. 

I was actually shocked.  Ground shipping was free, overnight was not.  But she assured me that because I mentioned I needed it soon and because I was a new customer, it would be overnighted to me and I would have it the next day.

That has never happened to me before!  Very impressive.  I felt very taken care of by this customer service agent, and therefore, by the company.

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