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Date: May 1, 2013  - 10 Key Secrets to Intuition*

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The following article is very interesting.  I especially like #10.

We’ve all heard the classic story of thinking about someone out of the blue, then the phone rings and it’s that person.  Perhaps you’ve experienced having an urge to give something to somebody, and it turns out that it was just the thing they needed at the time. Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without conscious reasoning or knowing.  It seems to pop up out of nowhere, randomly and unexpectedly.

We are all intuitive, it’s a part of our innate abilities. Just as animals have instinct, we have our own version of instinct.  Intuition is on a continuum of skill that when it’s honed, people consider it to be psychic abilities. Being psychic is defined as the ability to understand and know something that seems to come from beyond ourselves or our physical being.  Both intuition and psychic abilities are considered ways to receive divine guidance.  So, if we all have intuition and psychic abilities, how do we improve our using them?

In the beginning, intuition seems to occur randomly, without us having any control over it. Partly, this is because the intuitive side of our brain, that receives this information first, has no words, it can only express itself in symbols and analogies, somewhat like a game of Charades. The part of our brain that is logical and sequential, that has words, then takes these pieces and tries to make sense of them.  To the untrained, the intuitive messages don’t make any sense.  When you try to make sense of them with a methodology that activates these two processes in the brain, you can gain access to intuitive information to gain insight, epiphanies and even psychic information.

Here are ten key ways to receive intuitive information that most people don’t know about.  You might call them ten secrets to intuition.  Knowing about these characteristics may assist you in developing your ability to receive and understand the intuitive messages you get. 

  1. To receive intuitive messages you must be relaxed, receptive, passive and open. Having the openness to receive messages is important; also being aware and relaxed allows you to notice subtle things that pop up.  This is because the messages are very subtle, and you need to be in this passive but receptive state to notice them.
  2. To use the intuitive part of your brain, don’t try to figure it out, or judge what you receive.  If you are judging and critical about what you are receiving, the message will be corrupted and you may miss important clues.
  3. Intuitive messages come in fragments, piecemeal and are sometimes symbolic. Just like Charades, your intuitive mind is giving you information in pantomimes and signs. So be aware that you will get pieces, particularly at first, and like a puzzle you will need to put the pieces together.
  4. Believing that you can receive intuitive messages boosts it’s power, and your ability to access and understand the messages.  If you believe you can do this, even if just a little, makes a difference.  Having the openness and willingness to try is important. If you are overly doubtful, cynical and dismissive, then you will miss the messages and may actually block them.
  5. Intuitive guidance can come from outside of you.  Intuitive messages can be the words someone says to you, lyrics you hear in music, or a sign or license plate you see that you pass.  Sometimes the intuitive answers don’t come from inside of you, but are energetically orchestrated by the Universe outside of you.  You may see a sign, a poster, or a license plate that has just the right word or phrase you need to see that is your message.
  6. You can trigger your intuition by asking questions.  You can ask for anything.  Our intuition is triggered by responding to some stimulus. That can be a question you ask or ponder, or be something in your environment, like a person walking by you. You can intentionally access your intuition by asking yourself questions in your mind.
  7. You can ask for clarity if you don’t understand what the intuitive sign or message means.  Often times, we begin to receive intuitive hints but they aren’t clear, you can always “go back” and ask for more clarity or ask another question.
  8. It is important that you let go to receive. Again, forcing an answer can actually block receiving one. If you don’t get an answer right away, let it go. You will often get an intuitive hit later.
  9. Outside tools, such as angel cards, can help you get out of your judgmental mind and into your more intuitive mind.  Your Ego is 100% NON-psychic and completely not intuitive.  So to get out of your Ego space, you can use a tool, like angel cards.
  10. “Where is the bathroom?”  This is the most important key secret!  Okay, it’s not the answer to this question, or the question itself, but rather, the state of mind you are in when you ask this question.  When you are in a place you’ve never been before, you need the bathroom and you ask this question, you wait for the answer with open anticipation. You’re not second guessing the answer, because you really need to go. That is the state of mind you need to be in when you ask your intuition a question; open anticipation.  It keeps your thinking mind out of it and your Ego at bay.

Those are the ten key secrets to intuition, which all revolve around the process in the brain that goes between the intuitive side and the logical, speaking side.   The more we are able to access and be aware of the intuitive process in our brain, the more we can make sense of our intuitive messages. The next time you would like to access your intuitive messages, try working with these ten secrets and see if you can improve your intuition.


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