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Volume XXII, Issue 5

Date: May  1, 2011  - Customer Service and Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy recently aired a show where for the first time they did two things differently:  (1) They sang throughout the show and (2) only had one patient.  Did you see it?

Let me back up a bit.  Grey’s Anatomy, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, is a weekly medical show on ABC where usually there are 4 or 5 emergency and/or pre-arranged patients coming in to the hospital to be seen by a variety of doctors, residents, and interns.  The cast remains the same; the patients are different each week.

I think there are many similar shows although I don’t watch them.  I like how Grey’s develops their characters, making them real people—humans—so for me, it is about the people, the personalities, not the surgeries!

I don’t watch this religiously but when I remember it is on, I do enjoy it.  This particular night – with the singing – and as I said, had only one patient.  It was one of the doctors and, as you can imagine, she had varying degrees of relationships with each and every person in the hospital.

So now let’s reframe this.  The central character on this night was a patient who we will rename the ‘customer.’  All the people who interact with her are her ‘internal customers’, her touch points.  We, the viewers, the public, are her external customers.  And the show becomes the ‘company.’  Whether in prime time on TV, or in business, there is huge competition for market share. 

What’s different about this show?  What’s different about how you treat your customers?

Back to the story.  She had been in a serious car accident and her life and the life of her unborn baby were at stake.  Each internal customer’s experience with her was different yet they were all connected to her.  All of them were there to serve her in whatever capacity they could from the surgeons to the sanitation workers, to the volunteer staff. 

When a customer has an issue, a concern, a problem, a complaint, you, and all your internal touch points, directly or indirectly, need to be ready to solve the problem, resolve the complaint, etc.

How was this show different than any other?  This time there was only one patient/customer and everyone took great care of her.  They engaged me and got me emotionally involved.  They created, nurtured and reinforced my relationship with the ‘customer’ and the show (the company).  They took me on the journey and solidified our relationship.  I went from ‘take it or leave it’ to definitely take it.

Why am I writing about this?  Because all we can do is take care of is one customer at a time, be it internal or external.  The show did a great job of the internal customers taking care of the patient/customer, and I suggest they did a great job of taking care of me, the external customer, as I am now enrolled in the program!

How do you, and your internal customers, take great care of your customers, one customer at a time?  As if that one customer was the only person you had to take care of that day?  In actuality, the person in front of you either in real time, on the phone, in chat, text, or whatever channel you are using, is who you are taking care of at the moment.  How many people can be in the #1 position?  One at a time. 

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