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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume VIII, Issue 5

Date: May 1, 2007 - How Do You Capture Caller Feedback?

A recent study by the Center for Customer Driven Quality at Purdue University answered the question:  Which of the following methods do you use to capture caller feedback?

Post-call IVR surveys, with no agent involvement, are the most automated and fastest growing method of feedback.  Of course, live-agent surveys are the most expensive method.  The US mail surveys are the least effective method.  Heightened use of the Internet by callers makes email surveys the most prevalent. 

The survey continued with the following question:  If you could ask your callers only one question about their call experience, which one of the following would you ask? 

As you can see, overall satisfaction with the call and willingness to recommend were essentially equally popular.  Statistically, if both questions are used in a survey, there is a high correlation between the resulting answers.

What questions do you ask, and why?  Start at the end and decide what you are truly wanting to know and craft your question in pursuance of that answer.


Source:  The inContact Page, Call Center Magazine, 04.07, p. 31.

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