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Volume XXVI, Issue 3

Date: March 1, 2017 - The Human Experience

Dear Subscriber,

Is voice, the human channel, becoming replaced by technology?  My answer is NO.

In a recent Customer Lifecycle Survey by Forrester*, respondents indicated that use of the voice channel increasingly evolves as an escalation – not a primary service channel.  What does this mean?  Often it means that consumers have exhausted their digital efforts.  Or, it can mean that the interaction may be complex, an emotional reaction, or a time sensitive issue.

However, these interactions are a gift since they provide the unique opportunity to learn more about your customers’ behavior.  And this allows you to kick up your service unique to your customers.

As a result, training of your people receiving the calls becomes even more essential.  And it’s important to the employees as well, as shown in another survey whose results reported that training is the most important learning opportunity for job satisfaction.** 

These two topics go hand in hand.

Technology is great and yet there comes a time when a human is necessary and it will always be so.  “We the people,” are who make the difference.


Rosanne D’Ausilio

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*Connections Magazine, September/October 2016 issue, p 22, The Phone is Dead – Long Live the Phone

**Training Magazine, November/December 2016, p 8, What do Your Employees Value Most? Training