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Volume XXII, Issue 3

Date: March  1, 2011  - How Many Applications to View Your Customers?

There is no better way to kill a customer’s experience than having information silos in an organization. A customer’s information and interaction history across channels should be seamless and available to each department. Otherwise you risk making the customer repeat information he or she has already provided which is very frustrating to say the least.

For example, have you ever received an offer to purchase a product you already have? Have you ever been offered a special upgrade discount for a product you don’t own? Have you ever called  technical support and answered the same questions over and over as your call is passed from one customer service agent to the next? Have you ever been treated as if you were unknown to the company, after having called on the same issue three times during that same week?

A few years ago a telephone company (which shall remain anonymous) had two centers, one for telephone support and one for email support.  However, the two were separate and the left hand did not know what the right hand knew.  So if you were to email and not get the result you wanted and escalated to a phone call, that person had no knowledge of your email experience, or even if you had sent an email.  This was and is a terrible exposure to any company.

This frustration/upset/anger/time waster eliminates, lessens, and/or kills customer satisfaction and loyalty—two things in today’s marketplace that are (hopefully) sought after by all companies.

Yet, here are the statistics on how many applications it takes to access customer inquiries.  As you can see the majority of respondents reported it took 2 – 5 applications.  Only 3.7 said just 1 application to truly see the customer.

Now from the customer’s perspective, their interaction across the contact center is one experience… be sure it is not broken up when they navigate across channels. Do not create silos!

Here’s the good news.  With a single customer view, you can improve customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty and at the same time eliminate inefficiencies.  You can also position yourself for higher growth and profitability for the future.

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