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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume VII, Issue 3

Date: March 1, 2006 - Classroom Training Is Alive and Well

According to the 24th United States Training Industry Study (2005), $51.1 billion was budgeted for formal training with a line item of $13.5 billion for training products and services. 

As you know, there’s been much talk about e-learning, on-demand learning, and just-in-time formats, but what this study reports is that 70% of all formal training is provided by live instructors in classrooms. 

Only 8% of organizations used only online learning.  What we suggest is that online learning by itself is minimal, and one dimensional.  Yet it’s used frequently as a component of blended learning—between 15% and 30% according to this study.

 Learning in a live group environment has such added value.  For instance,

  1. Current challenges can be raised, discussed, brainstormed, and in some cases, even resolved. 
  2.  The wealth of experience, perspective, creativity, and diversity of the participants and the group experience exists nowhere else.
  3. Motivation and inspiration for everyone – no one can hide out behind a computer screen, or be distracted by paperwork, calls,
    emails, or co-workers.
  4. Interaction and role playing.
  5. Training/learning is in real time.

 Training is a process, not an event.   Therefore, it should be delivered over time.  We suggest four hour increments on low volume days with each employee receiving a minimum of 24 hours of live, interactive, real time training per year.


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