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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume V, Issue 3

Date: March 1, 2004 - Communication is Not a Four Letter Word!

What four letter words do we mean? Here are a few:

Talk and Chat
Tell and Blab

Let's look at talk. We can all talk about almost anything at a moment's notice. In the computer in our brain, we have lots of programs--what we think, what we feel or believe about anything, even things we know absolutely nothing about! The bad news is that this is what people call communication--and it's only talk (or chat or blab, etc.).

Poor communication is the most frequently reported single major source of frustration today. What is communication? Simply, communication is threefold. It means that a message was sent, that it was received, and that it was understood.

Experts say that we spend approximately 80% of each day communicating, as follows:

7% words
38% tone of voice and
55% physiology or body language

Since you are not face to face with (external) customers, the first two are most important. Your inflection and tone of voice are more impactful than the words. The positive and negative impressions of what you say, and how you say what you say, are more exaggerated. Therefore, you need to learn to control your tone, your tempo, and volume.

The good news is that communication is a learned behavior. If you learned negative patterns, you can release them and replace them with positive ones.

While it is true you cannot control how the customer speaks to you, you can control your own response to that customer, and greatly influence the course and outcome of any conversation.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Your actions speak so loudly. I cannot hear what you are saying. Ralph Waldo Emerson

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