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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume V, Issue 6

Date: June 1, 2004 - The Lighthouse

There was once a Navy warship carrying a very high ranking commander on a training exercise on an offshore Navy base. After about three weeks of a successful training exercise, they were making the ten day trip back to their home port.

On the third day of their trip back, they got caught in a storm and drifted slightly off course. It was foggy, and suddenly in the dark night, the captain at the helm saw a light in the distance.

Looking at his charts, he knew there were no ships supposed to be in the area, so he signaled in Morse code, "Identify yourself."

The response flashed back, "Petty Officer James!"

The captain replied, "This is Captain Clark of the USS Samson, change your course."

The reply came back, "I cannot, sir. You need to change your course immediately."

Infuriated, the captain replied, "This is a direct order. You are on a collision course with a US Navy vessel."

The reply came back again, "I am sorry, sir. I cannot change course. Please change your course at once."

The captain sent for the Navy Commander. He came up to the helm and flashed the message, "This is Commander Johnson of the United States Navy. You are in direct violation of a direct order. State your name, rank, and vessel."

The reply came back, "Petty Officer James of the United States Navy, sir. I am in a lighthouse!"

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: : We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems. Lee Iococca

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