Online Newsletter for Call Center Personnel
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume I, Issue 11

Date: July 1, 2000 - Using Muscle Words, Part II

We're still talking about muscle words! Use muscle words when making notes to the file or to the record. For example, if you offered two options to a customer and they were to get back to you, be specific in your notes about what and when. Then, whoever gets that next call can clearly understand and reinforce the position. The customer will get consistency and each of you will be supported. There is no opportunity for a customer to say, "Well, Mary told me last week she would make an exception in my case."

When records are clear, you can easily report, "Our records indicate that Mary offered you two options last week. Which one do you prefer?" Since each of you is an internal customer to the other, you are practicing good customer service, and making one another's job easier by keeping good, clear, concise, detailed notes. Not to mention eliminating all those unnecessary callbacks looking for the 'most lenient' rep.

Do not use good notes to make the customer wrong! Just tell the facts. With good notes any of you can assist any customer and, just as important, no one can play one of you off against another.

Your notes also educate any field reps or inside/outside sales people as to what is currently happening with any account. When you use muscle words in your records, you actually train other people to do likewise. With clarity and consistency, you make your job that much easier.

A second aspect of using muscle words when making requests is to make sure people know your conditions of satisfaction, the exact behaviors that will satisfy your request. At a training I once asked the hotel to provide me with a pitcher of water and lemon, with the lemon in a separate dish. They said, "No problem." The pitcher of water was there and next to it was a beautiful bowl of a dozen whole lemons. There was no knife, and the lemons were uncut! I learned I needed to be clearer. Next time I asked for water with one lemon cut into quarters in a separate dish, and I got exactly what I asked for

Quote of the month:

If you get served lemons, make lemonade!!!


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