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Volume XXII, Issue

Date: August 1, 2011  - Common Phrases That Irritate

You may want to ditch your traditional service scripts. Customers are equally irked by three of the most frequently-used customer service phrases.  The Internet generation is particularly put off by not getting a quick answer; people 50 and older are grimacing over hold music.

Common Phrase

General Population Most
Annoyed By This Phrase

Most Irritated Group

"We're unable to answer your question.  Please call xxx-xxx-xxxx to speak to a representative from xxx team."


People age 18-29: 32%

"We're sorry, but we're experiencing
unusually heavy call volumes. You can
hold or try back at another time."


People age 50+: 34%

"Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold."


People age 50+: 29%

              Source: 2011 American Express® Global Customer Service Barometer  Survey

I don’t find my favorites here.  They are:

 “Please listen carefully as our options have changed.”

“Please press 1 for this” and the numbers go up to 9 – by then I forget what the first ones were!

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