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Volume VI, Issue 7

Date: July 1, 2005 - Ask The Customer

I was away recently speaking at two conferences.  Flying from Norfolk, VA to Baltimore, MD, I was seated besides two wonderful silver-haired senior ladies.  Now usually I don't speak much on a plane, especially since I had just presented for 1 1/2 hours (without a microphone).

However, I was looking through my newest book that just came out (Lay Your Cards On The Table: 52 Ways to Stack Your Personal Deck $11.95). Go here to read more about it.    Lay Your Cards on the Table.

 My granddaughter Lauren's picture is opposite the Smile poem (page 97).  The woman next to me noticed the page so I showed her, well bragged about, my granddaughter.  She took the book from me, read the poem, and asked if I wrote it.  I told her I wrote the entire book and she shared this information with her seat-mate who I later found out was her sister, Anne.

They were opening at random and reading various humorous and/or inspirational readings.  Why am I telling you this?

Because for the first time I was privy to immediate, spontaneous feedback.  It could be interpreted as live monitoring.  I actually felt like I was eavesdropping--and it was wonderful.  Here's what I heard (by now they each had a copy of their own, bought, paid for, and autographed).

Oh, this is so funny.  I'm going to love reading this book.
Listen to this (and she quoted to her sister)
Spontaneous laughter.
This is so moving.  I'm enjoying this already.
I hope I can have this attitude some day.
The world would be a better place if everyone read this one.
What great Xmas presents this would make!  Can we buy more from you?

 What are the lessons here?

1)  Ask your customer!  You want to know how you're doing?  Ask your customer.
2)  Give your customers value, and
3)  They'll ask to buy more.

It's very simple, not complicated. 

1) Give your customers what they want
2) check in with them to see how you're doing
3) put in corrections, when and if necessary, and then
4) be prepared to sell them more products and/or services.

Have a great month.


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