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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume IV, Issue 7

Date: July 1, 2003 - What Makes Companies Work?

Everyone agrees people, process, and 'state of the art' technology are what make companies work. For me, the people process is most important. After all, it's the people who truly make the difference.

Never lose sight of the fact that we are human beings, not merely 'human doings.' The fact is 70% to 90% of what happens with customers is driven by human nature, having nothing to do with technology. Technology is meant to enable human endeavors, not to disable them.

One of the leading challenges for today's managers is the training and motivating of excellent agents. With the explosion of e-commerce, the need to reinforce keeping the human element in the equation is paramount. Extraordinary service, or lack thereof, separates the good from the great companies.

The success of any training program is obviously dependent on participants practicing new ideas and skills in their actual work setting. To ensure this success, we suggest the following key performance indicators (KPI's) to monitor and ensure that agents' newfound knowledge is applied. Thus, you can measure the ROI of each training program.

Here are a sampling of KPI's that training impacts:

First Call Resolution
Average Talk Time
# of Inbound Calls per Shift per CSR
Average After Call Work
Adherence to Schedule

Now more than ever before, 'soft factors' can be and are tied to ROI.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: The more high tech the world becomes, the more people crave high touch. John Naisbett in Megatrends.

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