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Volume XXII, Issue 1

Date: January  1, 2011  - Customer Service as the Differentiator

As we enter into 2011, let’s truly be customer centric...focus on the customer.

Customer Service Fact:  *90% of companies agree that the customer experience is important and critical to their 2010 plans.  80% of those companies want to use customer service/experience as a way to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Are you one of these statistics?  Let’s look closer before you answer.

It says 90% agree that customer experience is important and critical to their plans.   Well of course, we all agree that customer service is important.

Then It goes on to cite that 80% “want” to use customer service as a differentiator.  It doesn’t say that they are doing anything about it.  

Just because you agree that customer experience is important, and that you want to make a difference doesn’t mean you will unless you take an action.

In today's competitive marketplace what separates one company from another is not its products and/or services, but rather its relationship with the customer.

Bottom line:  What action can you take starting today as a commitment to 2011 that will differentiate you in the area of customer service?

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* Source: Forrester’s The State of Customer Experience, 2010