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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume IV, Issue 2

Date: February 1, 2003 - Customer Service Revisited

I'm doing research for my next book so I'm passing on what I've discovered on the journey-much to my pleasure. Although it's not a surprise, it certainly reinforces what I've been saying for years.

Call centers are now one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Gartner (Research) says 3% of Americans now work for contact centers and predict that the industry could nearly double in size by 2010. According to Datamonitor, by 2004 there will be 357,000 domestic call center seats in the US, about 45,000 more than in 2002, even though many centers outsource. Gartner also reports that 92% of all customer contact is through the center.

Bain and Company studies show that major companies lose and have to replace:

Half their customers in 5 years
Half their employees in 4 years
Half their investors in less than 1 year

There are many studies regarding why customers leave. Most agree that nearly 70% of customers leave because of poor service or lack of attention, 15% because of price, and the remaining 15% because of product. However, a customer is four times more likely to defect if the problem is service related than if it is price or product related.*

This reinforces that the CSR plays an increasingly critical and integral part of building and developing customer relationships. Their performance influences and impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty--thus having a direct relationship to the bottom line (ROI) and (finally), serious consideration by upper management.

I'm pleased to see this emphasis on the 'human' rampant today, thus moving from the cost center (clone) mentality to the revenue (income) producing paradigm.

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Anonymous

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