Online Newsletter for Call Center Personnel
Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume II, Issue 12

Date: December 1, 2001 -Offshore Customer Service

I just returned from a much needed vacation and want to share my customer service experience. I went to a Caribbean third world country on a timeshare exchange, not knowing what particular room I would have but knowing that it was part of an upscale resort and that it was a one bedroom suite. Other than that, no other information was available.

Upon arrival, I requested an oceanfront room. However, none were available. I was told that in the next day or two one might become available, but so far nothing in the computer indicated that was the case.

The front desk person - Caesar - said he would put us poolside closest to oceanfront rooms so if something freed up, it'd be an easy move. However, I didn't see him make a note of anything.

The room was lovely but the noise from the pool was unacceptable. The entertainment went on until 11 pm. The next morning we were woken by a call from Caesar that there was an oceanfront room available, as he had promised. It was at one end of the complex which was very quiet, secluded and absolutely perfect.

I was very impressed with his being pro-active in calling me. I didn't have to chase him down to once again inquire about availability, let alone complain about the noise.

When my companion got sick, Caesar volunteered to check with a pharmacist friend for recommended antibiotics (no prescription needed there) and to be sure none contained penicillin. Every time we came to Reception, Caesar had a big smile, called us by name and promptly handled any of our requests, arrangements, reservations, etc.

Just like on the telephone, from the first three sentences we make up our minds whether we will be well taken care of or not.

In contrast, I put on a series of trainings for a client in the US for the year 2001 held at the same small hotel seven times. Each time I checked in, they asked me my name as if it were the first time they ever saw me. Their computer didn't recognize that I'd been there before. They also asked me for my credit card when, in fact, direct billing had been set up (over and over again).

QUOTE OF THE MONTH: : Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Golden Rule.

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