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Volume XXI, Issue 12

Date: December  1, 2010  - Do You C.A.R.E. for Your Customers?

What do we mean by C.A.R.E.?

C stands for Communication.  According to the American Management Association (AMA)’s Critical Skills Survey over 2000 managers responded that more than half (51.4%) of their employees were only average in effective communications skills. 

Communication means that a message was sent, it was received, and it was understood.  Words, after all are only 7% of communication, tone of voice is 38% and physiology is 55%.  In other words, how we say what we say is significantly more important than what we say.

A stands for Acknowledgment.  All we want is to be heard, to be treated with dignity and respect.  So before you can help me, I need to know that you heard what I said.  This could be a simple, “If I understand what you ar asking, you want…” or “Wow, you’re really upset.  Thanks so much for calling.  I’m going to do my best to assist you.”  You can either acknowledge the feelings behind what is being presented, or the issue itself for a customer to feel heard.

R stands for Responsiveness.  Simply this means to address the issue presented, not to bring in any ancillary matters.   A synonym for Responsiveness is Sensitivity—be sensitive to what is being said and how it is being presented.

E stands for Empathize.  I must admit this is my favorite, and is what separates us ‘humans’ from the rest of the species.  To empathize is to put yourself in another person’s shoes, not wear the shoes, not make the other person right and you or your company wrong, but to see if from the customer’s point of view.

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