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Volume XXII, Issue 4

Date: April  1, 2011  - First Call Resolution:  Still #1 Driver of Customer Satisfaction

Certainly first call resolution continues to remain the #1 driver of customer satisfaction.  The costs associated with customers having to contact you more than once or twice, and then defecting to your competition are steep.

According to a Yankee Group study 30 – 35% of calls coming into the average center are unnecessary repeat calls.  And, 65% of all repeat calls are reportedly the result of agent errors, such as: No confident answer, the wrong answer, someone doesn’t follow through on commitment, and the customer will call back.  Customer Relationship Metrics’ research reports that caller satisfaction ratings will be 35% to 45% lower when a second call is made on the same issue.

Yet another study conducted by Service Quality Measurement Group reported that for every 1% improvement in FCR, you get 1% improvement in customer satisfaction.    Additionally, if a customer’s inquiry or problem were resolved in the first call, only 3% of those customers were at risk of going to a competitor.   

On the other hand, 34% of customers who didn’t get their inquiry or problem resolved were likely to go to a competitor.  Do you know what losing that customer cost you? 

The challenge still exists today as to how to define and then measure FCR accurately, effectively, and efficiently.  Some centers allow agents to determine if the customer’s issue were resolved on first contact.  The problem here obviously is that it’s totally subjective. 

Some centers use their QA people to decide whether calls were resolved on first contact.  This method is based on a random sampling and doesn’t reflect a complete picture. 

Other centers use post-call surveys and directly ask the customer whether or not their issue was resolved on the first contact.

To my way of thinking, the best way to determine the question of resolution is to ask your customer.  Many technical programs, measurements, etc. will provide data that may be useful for internal purposes, but please don’t forget the customer.  In the final analysis, it’s the customer’s perception that matters.

And finally, I believe that first call resolution is a training issue.  If your personnel have the communication skills, the knowledge base, and the empowerment, you can eliminate those second and third calls, as well as the misinformation.  

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