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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume VIII, Issue 4

Date: April 1, 2007 - Customer Satisfaction Levels Are Once Again Down

 According to the Global Contact Center Benchmarking Report (Dimension Data), findings this year include:

         First call resolution dropped from 87% to 70%

Customer satisfaction dropped from 82% to 68%

Global attrition is 24%, North American market 31%

Non phone-based interactions are 22% of all inbound/outbound centers

49% of these 22% are web based; the remainder split among email, fax, postal and SMS

69% of centers record calls; 21% plan to upgrade recording platforms

25% plan on installing speech recognition

27% are upgrading their IVR systems

Staffing is 75% of operational budgets in North America, 64% in Africa and Asia

I quote the editor of the report, Carla Diemont, “At the end of the day, it is your agents who deliver the customer experience, and you need to continue to invest in them.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  If the focus is on the customer experience—which it is and should be—then who has the responsibility for that experience?  Your front line people.  In those first 3 sentences—whether by phone, email, webchat, etc. —a customer decides whether this will be a good experience or a bad experience.  Some of what goes through their mind could be:  Can this person really help me?  Are they new?  Are they reading from a script?  Why did I bother to call! 

Let’s look at the first two statistics listed, customer satisfaction and first call resolution.  Customer satisfaction levels dropped 14%, which means that 32% of customers were dissatisfied.  What do you suppose those 32% of customers did?  My guess is they went to the competition!

 First call resolution went down 17% to 70%.  That means that 30% of your customers are contacting you more than once, maybe even more than twice.  What is the impact of those repeat calls on your bottom line?  And, what do you think the likelihood is of retaining those customers?  The slide below is a result of a poll taken by

For me, it’s a slam dunk that ongoing interactive soft skills training is a necessity, not a luxury.  The better care you take of your employees, the better your employees will take care of your customers.

       Invest in your people, the outcome is well worth it. 


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