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Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D. Editor and Publisher
Volume VII, Issue 4

Date: April 1, 2006 - Customer Service Customers - Patient or Impatient

A research study done by Dimension Data shows some interesting data regarding customer service.  First, that Americans are impatient when waiting in queue and are quicker to abandon calls than anywhere else in the world. 

According to this study, Americans are so impatient – they’re willing to wait only an average of 37 seconds for their calls to be answered before they abandon the call. 

The rest of the world, however, exhibits greater patience:   

Europe, the Middle East and Africa – customers are willing to wait 67 seconds

Asia-Pacific customers are the most patient – they’re willing to wait 72 seconds 

Another study--Five9, Inc.’s annual Call Center Customer Care Benchmarking Study-- reinforces the above highlighting the fact that companies would be well served by offering 24/7 support, shorter wait times, fewer transfers, and faster call resolution.

 This survey included the following key findings:

  v     76% respondents said 24/7 support was important

v     96% said a positive experience with a CSR would increase their sense of brand loyalty

v     70% have changed products (or services) because of a bad experience with a CSR

v     50% were dissatisfied with CSRs service when he/she was not well informed, or could not quickly resolve the issue

v     35% were dissatisfied when hold time was too long

v     25% were dissatisfied when required to provide a large amount of personal information prior to being helped

v     91% reported being locked in a self service menu unable to request to speak with a live customer service agent 

My caveat regarding statistics:  Use them as guidelines, not hard and fast rules.


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